Acerna Fence

What would a horse or agricultural farm be without a secure electric fence?

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Acerna Fence marks the beginning of a new era in electric fence monitoring, where efficiency and user-friendliness are central. This device is a comprehensive solution for efficient fence monitoring, combining easy installation with long battery life. The unit is adaptable and works with all types of electric fences and power units. With Acerna Fence, you can easily monitor your areas and receive real-time notifications for deviations or maintenance needs. Acerna Fence secures your fence and offers peace of mind for both crops and animals, perfect for both farmers and horse owners.

Voltage drops in electric fences are a critical problem for farmers and horse farm owners and can lead to serious and unexpected consequences. Acerna Fence is a solution developed to handle voltage drops through continuous and accurate monitoring of the fence’s voltage with advanced sensor technology that can identify even the slightest voltage deviations. The continuous measurements ensure that the voltage in the electric fence is as expected, and deviations or technical issues are detected as soon as they occur.

Upon detection of a voltage drop, Acerna Fence acts immediately, and the user is notified in our app with detailed information about the extent and location of the problem.

Voltage level

”Get help detecting early power losses and deviations”

In addition to voltage drops, power losses are another critical issue that Acerna Fence handles. Power losses can indicate a range of different problems, from wear on the electric wire to more complex technical issues such as failures in the power unit. By early detection of some of these problems, the user can take proactive measures to prevent serious operational disruptions and extend the life of the electric fence.

Acerna Fence also monitors other deviations such as damages, breaks in the fence, or even environmental factors that can affect the fence’s performance. Through comprehensive monitoring, Acerna Fence ensures that the fence always operates optimally, thereby reducing the risk of costly maintenance problems and ensuring the safety of animals and crops.

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Every detail counts when it comes to keeping your fence in top condition

Acerna Fence is designed to withstand even the toughest environments and weather conditions while being easy to install: place Acerna Fence on a pole or wall, choose a suitable position for optimal coverage, and then screw the unit in place. With the included clamps, you can easily connect the unit to both the fence and the ground. As soon as you insert the batteries, the unit will start up and connect to our app, and your fence is now under constant monitoring with the highest possible efficiency.

An extra set of eyes, always awake and always alert

One of the most prominent features of this Acerna Fence is its long battery life. Acerna Fence is developed to be energy-efficient and can operate for over a year on a single battery charge, which means less time is spent on maintenance and more time is used for important farm activities. When it’s time to change batteries, it’s simple and uncomplicated. Through a conveniently located hatch on the back of the unit, batteries can be changed quickly and without hassle, making the battery change a smooth process.

Quick and effective actions, no matter where you are

To enhance the user experience, Acerna Fence comes with an intuitive app that gives you direct access to all data and insights. Once Acerna Fence is paired with our app, you get not just an alert, but also detailed information about what has happened and where it occurred. The subscription covers all fees for the device’s built-in SIM card. This way, you get unlimited data and range.


1 – Acerna Fence

5 ha – designated areas

99 SEK/month


5 – Acerna Fence

10 ha – designated areas

159 SEK/month


10 – Acerna Fence

15 ha – designated areas

299 SEK/month


15 – Acerna Fence

25+ ha – designated areas

359 SEK/month

Why Acerna Fence is the obvious choice

Acerna Fence is more than just a technical device, it is an assurance that your agriculture or horse farm remains a safe place for your animals and crops. With advanced voltage monitoring, immediate alarms, and detailed reporting through a user-friendly app, Acerna Fence stands out as an indispensable part of the modern farm. Acerna Fence is an investment in safety and peace of mind, and a smart way to modernize the way you monitor and maintain electric fences.

Test pilot*

If you want to be one of those who gets yo test Acerna Fence for a period and give feedback, please contact us below!

Do you keep track of how much your horse has moved during a day?

Acerna Track combines real-time tracking with activity measurement and alerts you in our associated app about health deviations.